• Area & Oriental Rugs

  • WOW understands that you often spend more per square foot for your area rugs and oriental rugs than you do for your wall to wall carpeting.  An oriental rug can last a lifetime, but inadequate and improper cleaning can shorten the the life or your investment.  These movable rugs need as much, or more care than your wall to wall carpet, but homeowners often resort to cleaning their area rugs themselves.  Our cleaning process will gently but thoroughly scrub these rugs and remove soil and stains from them that do-it-yourself methods often leave behind.  Our slippery green cleaning solution coats the dirt particles and keeps them from sticking to the carpet fibers. But the solution and dirt stick to our cotton Terry Cloth pad. Your dirt goes home with me and is washed down my drain.

    Area rugs are often placed in high traffic areas, so the carpet fibers are mashed down.  Our machine deeply massages the fibers of area rugs and carpet and leaves them standing up again.