• Carpet Cleaning Quote

  • We offer residential and commercial carpet cleaning services in Fayette County, Kentucky and the surrounding area. Request your quote today using the form below or give us a call.

    Residential Estimates

    Estimates at WOW are simple: $40 per area. Please see the chart below.

  • Residential Carpet CleaningEstimated Cost
    Per Area$40
    Extra Large RoomMay Charge More
    Stairs Between 2 Floors$40
    3 Rooms$120
  • Residential Tile and GroutEstimated Cost
    Tile and Grout Area$60
    Extra Large RoomMay Charge More
  • Upholstered FurnitureEstimated Cost
    Per Area$40
  • Some areas are larger and some are smaller, but this approach achieves my goal: to charge what is fair to you and to me, in a manner that is simple.

    Commercial Estimates

    Commercial jobs usually are for more than 2000 square feet. We charge less per square foot because one trip to the location generates more business. We often also offer free demonstrations so that you can see the kind of cleaning you will receive without making a financial commitment. Give us a call and we will come to your location and give you a quote on your job, whether it be carpet, tile and grout, concrete, wood or upholstered furniture.

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