• Carpet Cleaning in Richmond – $40 Per Area

    October 23, 2017 | Blog
  • At Wow My Carpets Are Clean we keep it simple. We don't try to upsell our customers with carpet cleaning services they don't need. We keep our pricing structure honest and easy to understand.

    Simply put, our charge to Richmond clients is $40 per area.

    What is an area? An area is a single room, a hallway, a set of stairs, etc. If you have a very large area that is beyond the standard size, you may be charged for two areas. This will be discussed when we visit your Richmond home and provide a no pressure cleaning quote. 

    Tile & Grout Cleaning

    Tile and grout requires us to go over the floor several times, so we generally charge $60 per area. However, this can be discussed over the phone or in person. Depending on the size of the area it may be a little less or a little more.

    Upholstered Furniture Cleaning

    Each area of upholstered furniture in which a person can sit is $40 to be cleaned. For example, a love seat that can sit 2 people would cost $80 to be cleaned using our very low moisture cleaning process

    What's The Catch?

    There isn't one! Our minimum charge is $100 and as mentioned above we don't try to sell you on additional carpet cleaning services that you do not need. We charge $40 whether the entire room is cleaned or just the traffic areas. Light furniture will be moved if needed.

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