• Commercial Services

  • Let us clean some carpet for free.
    So you can see the kind of work we do.

    We will schedule a time that is convenient for you and come clean some small, really dirty portions of your carpet, at no cost to you.

    • Often, the results are so dramatic that you will want to hire us to clean more carpet right then.
      • In that case, we will give you a quote on cleaning the rooms you want cleaned, and if you accept the price, we will clean it right then.
    • Or, you may want to schedule us for a later time that is more convenient for your business.

    Your commercial carpeting and flooring is a huge billboard that declares how you treat both your employees and your customers.  Regular commercial carpet cleaning will tell your customers that you are likely to make the same investment in their businesses.  In addition it will tell your customers that you think maintenance is an important aspect of ownership, ownership of a customer relationship, product, idea or service.

    Since offices usually get a lot of traffic, your carpeting takes a beating every day and the wear and tear takes its toll if you don’t have a regular maintenance plan. WOW can conduct a thorough review of your facility and propose practical solutions suited to your commercial carpet cleaning needs.

    Vacuuming and spot cleaning can be handled effectively by your maintenance personnel, but no in-house commercial carpet cleaning equipment can approach the deep cleaning provided by our Very Low Moisture equipment.  Most in house commercial machines shoot chemicals and lots of water into the carpet, brush it some and vacuum up a little of the chemicals and water.  This is basically what steam cleaning does, which is very much inferior to our Very Low Moisture Carpet Cleaning method.

    Our industrial machine sprays a fine mist of green cleaning solution on your carpet, and then massages the fingers of the microfiber pad deep in between the fibers of your carpet.  The slippery green cleaning solution coats the soil particles making them slippery, so they won’t stick to your carpet fibers.  The soil is then trapped inside the fibers of my microfiber pad (with 100,000 fibers per square inch!).  Your business's dirt goes to my house and is washed down my drain.

    The Difference Between In-House and WOW Commercial Carpet Cleaning

    As stated above, most commercial in-house machines shoot chemicals and lots of water on the carpet, brush it some and vacuum up a little of the chemicals and water. This is basically what steam cleaning does. The brush, brushes the carpet in one direction, i.e. North to South. My machine oscillates at 1725 RPM, and scrubs every fiber in the carpet from multiple different direction, dislodging soil particles so my pad can pick them up.

    Commercial In-House carpet cleaning machines, and commercial steam cleaners spray a lot of water and chemicals to scrub the carpet. WOW sprays a fine mist of green cleaning solution, and scrubs with a microfiber pad. Therefore your carpet is dry and usable within about an hour, while other methods leave carpet wet for 1 - 3 days.

  • This is the pattern my pad travels as it gently scrubs your carpet.  Dirt doesn't stand a chance!