• How often should I vacuum and clean my carpets?

    July 17, 2018 | Blog
  • Vacuuming and professional carpet cleaning are essential to maintaining the appearance and extending the life of your carpet.  The most common dirt to get on your carpet, soil particles, have sharp edges. If it is not removed regularly the dirt particles' sharp edges are forced against your carpet fibers when you walk on your carpet.  This cuts and breaks down your carpet fibers and your carpet. Frequent vacuuming reduces this action. How frequently?

    The Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration gives these guidelines for frequency of vacuuming and cleaning carpet.

    Vacuuming is essential as it postpones the need for carpet cleaning, but Professional Carpet Cleaning is like washing your clothes.  If you don't do it frequently, your carpets will become permanently stained.

    How often should I have my carpets cleaned?  Nothing removes soil from carpet like professional carpet cleaning. In fact, more frequent professional carpet cleaning can make up for less frequent vacuuming.  But not all professional carpet cleaners are effective.

    Steam cleaners: Have you every seen a steam cleaner in action?  Which direction does the water travel? Down. That means he forces the soil down into your carpet.  Do you want the soil to be pushed down into your carpet and lifted up and out? The only thing he has to scrub your carpet with is water, so he shoots lots of it down into your carpet.  When he is done it can take 1 to 3 days for your carpet to dry. In the mean time, it can even mildew and smell bad. Been there.


    The Chemical cleaners tell you that carbonation lifts the soil out of your carpet.  Why would it lift the soil up and not move it sideways? Actually, it does move it sideways too, and that just moves the soil around and doesn’t get it out of your carpet.

    Very Low Moisture Carpet Cleaning uses a tried and true fabric - cotton - to scrub and clean your carpet.  The fingers of our cotton Terry Cloth pad work our green cleaning solution deep between the fibers of your carpet.  Our slippery green solution, an Encapsulant, coats the dirt particles and they no longer stick to your carpet fibers.  Our cotton (one of the most absorbent fabrics on the planet - your bath towels are probably cotton Terry Cloth) Terry Cloth pads absorb the green solution and the dirt that it encapsulates.  Your dirt goes home with me and is washed down my drain. Since we put only enough solution on your carpet to do the job, your carpet is dry in about an hour.

    Call Wow Now so you can say “Wow,!  My Carpets Are Clean