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    Common Questions:

    How do I prepare for your carpet cleaning?
    Its easy. Vacuum, especially under baseboard heaters, around the edges of of each room and stairs. Starting with a clean vacuum bag (or filter in the case of a bagless vacuum) with unobstructed vacuum hoses. If you don’t have time to vacuum we will vacuum before or after we clean, as needed.

    Should I move furniture before you come?
    It depends. If you never walk on the carpet under certain pieces of furniture, a vacuuming is all that will be needed to clean the carpet under it. I will move some light furniture and clean under it. If you need all of the carpet in a room to be cleaned, that room will need to be empty of furniture when I arrive. If you have me clean a portion of a room, I will only charge you for that portion.

    Please see our FAQ Section for answers to other commonly asked carpet cleaning questions.