• Tile & Grout Cleaning

  • Tile flooring, whether it is ceramic tile or porcelain tile, is common in Lexington and the surrounding area because it is easy to maintain and clean.  However, because it gets dirty very gradually, it can be a lot dirtier than you think it is.  Given that tile is porous, it can be nearly impossible to thoroughly clean it with a mop or by hand.  In addition, soap and tile cleaners are often used to clean tile and they actually promote the build-up of soil.

    To clean tile I put a soft, long bristled brush on my machine, and I often let my tile and grout cleaning solution dwell for a while so it loosens the soil up.  The bristles scrub every square inch of the tile flooring and the grout in between hundreds of times, from multiple different directions.  This action loosens the soil so I can pick it up with a cotton pad.  Let me professionally scrub your tile and grout with my industrial grade machine so you get the full beauty out of your tile flooring.